Who Are You Inviting Into Your Yard?


Are you creating an environment in your yard that will attract unwanted visitors to your yard? Take a look around and see if you are doing all you can to keep the unwanted creatures out of your yard.

So what unwanted creatures are we talking about? Here is a short list of the large creatures that you will find and why:

Mice, Rats, Snakes, Insects.

These things are attracted to the feces of your pet and any ripe fruit you have in your yard. Rats and mice will eat the undigested protein that is present in the feces. Leaving ripe fruit on the tree or the ground will also provide a food source for the rodents. If you have rats and mice, then there is a good bet that those sources of food will attract snakes.

Look at the ripe fruit on the ground and see if it is hollowed out. If it is, a rat or mouse has been eating the fruit. Also look closely and you will see that there are insects around the fruit that is rotting on the ground. You will find that it will be full of insect larvae, better know as maggots.

The best way to correct the situation is to be sure your yard is feces free. Having a professional scooper service your yard is a good first step. The next step would be to remove all ripening fruit from your trees. Pick up any that has fallen to the ground. Once the food source is gone, so will be the uninvited guests.


The above information was shared by Blue Diamond Services from Pinellas Park Florida. Thank you pooperguy.com for your guest contribution to our blog this week!


I would like to add that mice, rats, snakes and insects are found here in the northeast as well and many people have trees and shrubbery that produce various fruits and berries as well, from spring thru late fall.   Some are obvious edibles to humans, like mulberries, raspberries, blueberries, plums, peaches, pears and apples, and some, not so obvious that only birds eat (like those little red berries found on certain evergreen bushes). When these fruits are in abundance, and lay on the ground it’s like laying out a smorgasbord for pests of all kinds.

Here Come Those Babies

The thing to keep in mind is that you do not want to encourage vermin to come and have a bite – it is much like feeding a stray cat – it just keeps coming back and never leaves. Once they realize that your yard is a source for food you may end up having some long term residents that are less than desirable. And, not only that but, by the laws of nature, where there is abundant food, reproduction is the next course of action!

The same applies to dog waste – just because you do not have “food” out in the open, don’t be mistaken into thinking that feces is anything less for them.   Although pretty gross to us humans, the mice and rats don’t have the refined palette that humans have and a yard full of feces works just fine for them as a wonderful food source.

And The Diseases ….

Something to keep in mind is that mice and rats carry diseases and after having their “meal” in your yard, will leave behind their very own feces.   Your dog (or cat) may be the unwanted recipient of those pathogen (or worms) that have been left in your yard by the unwanted visitors.   Your dog or cat may step in, sniff or ingest this either by accident or purposely and become infected with something that can cause serious illness not only to your pet, but also to you from your pet.

My Final Thoughts

Reiterating the good advice above – clean up the fallen fruit, hire a reputable pooper scooper service and everybody wins.   You get to enjoy a clean and healthy environment along with your pet!

I would love to hear your comments, feedback stories and ideas.

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