How Do You Hire A Pooper Scooper Service?

There are 30 MILLION US household that have pets and 32 BILLION dollars a year is spent on those pets!

Do you love your dog as much as I love my dogs?   Well, if you do, that doesn’t mean that you love those calling cards that your dog leaves behind in your backyard.    You know – the ones you have to dodge when running the lawn mower, or avoid as you gingerly walk to your pool.

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There are some very definite benefits of hiring a professional pooper scooper service to do the job for you.   If you’re a busy mom with young kids or you’re a senior citizen who is not as mobile as you once used to be, or maybe a busy executive working long hours, then you may want to consider hiring someone to clean up the mess for you because keeping your lawn neat and tidy and safe and clean not just for your kids, but for your dog, should be a number one priority for the number twos your dog leaves for you.  After all, you don’t need nasty smelling poop (and the “other” stuff  – nasty things like whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, parvovirus, giardia, salmonella, and E. coli,), making its way into your house on the kids feet, your feet or your dog’s feet!

How Often Is Enough?

Dog poop clean up services offer a variety of options that will fit most any budget.  Many dog waste clean up services that are available allow you to tailor your service frequencies to your individual need – that includes either weekly or biweekly, once a month services, and in many cases, seasonal and one time dog waste cleanups.  Some companies like Scoops Dog Waste Clean Up Service also offers a deodorizing service for decks, patios and areas adjacent to the spots that the client’s dog utilizes.


Pixabay Image 413757What Do They Do With The Poop?

Some companies will take your dog’s waste with them upon completion of cleaning.  Scoops Dog Waste does not take the waste with them mainly because we found out early on when we opened our business that pooper scooper services are assigned a different set of vehicle insurance parameters in New Jersey.   When any kind of poop is transported in a vehicle then that qualifies the transport vehicle as a solid waste hauler.   Dog waste would present a hazmat situation if the scooper vehicle is involved in an accident.  Our option is that we place it in the customer’s trash after we double bag it and then it can be disposed of it along with the client’s regular weekly trash pick-up.

How Expensive Is It?

Most pooper scooper rates vary from service to service depending on the area of the country and how large the business is.  Most pooper scooper services rates are within a dollar or two of each other – pricing structures vary and can be based either hourly, weekly or based on the number of dogs. Most services can bill directly to the customer’s credit or debit card after either each individual service or at the end of each month, and some, like Scoops Dog Waste Clean Up Service also utilize PayPal.

Will Your Dog Allow Us In Your Yard?Pixabay Image 707020

Most pooper scooper services are able to work with your dog in the yard as long as the dog will allow them to.   There are some dogs that are not happy about having a stranger in the yard and in that case advance arrangements would have to be made for the dog to be secured before the services are performed.  This ensures the safety and welfare of the technician servicing the yard.

My Final Thoughts

If you do decide to pursue hiring a pooper scooper service to pick up your dog’s poop, make sure that you get multiple estimates (from different companies)  and check out the company that you’re interested in, making sure that they have insurance and, or are bonded and ask for references.   By doing so, it ensures your safety in doing business with a service.

I would love to hear your comments, feedback stories and ideas.

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