Does Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed?

Does your dog sleep in bed with you?

Pixabay Image 1173252A recent study has shown that 50% of dogs sleep in their owners’ beds!  Since dogs are essentially pack animals many people think it’s a super idea for their dogs to sleep in a big pile-on in their bed.  However, be warned that although many people think that it’s terrifically endearing, you may be in for a restless night’s sleep.

Although it is just wonderful to have the cuddles and puppy warmth by letting your beloved dog sleep with you, it isn’t always what it seems.   Most large dogs become impossible and impervious to movement when they have fallen asleep – as a matter of fact, you can’t move them at all!  And, their snoring just may be way worse than your partners!

Butt – Wait !Pixabay Image 731995

On more than one occasion I have woken up with a dog butt in my face.   It seems that the old wives tale that all dogs sleep curled up in a little ball just may be false.  Both of my boxers always seemed to stretch out to all four corners of the bed taking up as much room as they possibly could –  and not to mention that on more than one occasion I have woken up and rolled over onto a dog bone or dog toy!  Not exactly a comfortable night’s sleep, and in most cases it usually insured that I woke up full of aches and pains.

Spots And Smells

One positive thing is that I always have someone else to blame for the suspicious smells other than my husband.  Not to mention the hair found in the bed, and the suspicious damp patches from chewing on a dog bone.  Do I need to mention the romping playground that the bed has become with the dog bouncing on it instead of the peaceful relaxing sanctuary that it’s supposed to be?  I won’t even mention any romantic encounters here either!   Puppy either wants to “play” too or ends up giving you such a disgusted look that the moment is lost. And, god forbid that you lock them out of the room – the crying and carrying on becomes unbearable and mood-shattering!

I sometimes dream about sleeping on freshly laundered sheets before the dog has had a chance to distribute her gritty dust all over it – it seems like someone has sprinkled fine sandpaper dust in my bed. It forces me to spend 15 minutes brushing out the sheets before I can get into in.  In fact, it kind of reminds me of sleeping on a blanket on the beach where sand has been kicked all over from people walking past!


If you like to sleep with a bedroom window open on a cool night like I do, and the neighbor happens to pull into his driveway arriving home very late, everybody is instantaneously woken up when the dog jumps up (usually on top of your back)  barking no matter what time it is!   It sure would be helpful if my “watchdog” acted like that when people came to the front door!

Pixabay Image 1136957Breaking The Habit

In some instances allowing your dog to sleep in bed with you can encourage your dog to acquire dominant behavior – especially when you’re trying to get your dog out of the habit.  This will usually result in sleepless nights of crying and howling and carrying on.  Your dog is smart enough to know that if he presents this behavior long enough, he will eventually wear you down and soon be back on the bed!  It’s okay though, because nothing beats watching your dog spending his time circling and patting down the blanket only to settle directly on top of your shins and fall asleep while you’re pinned in bed in one position afraid to wake up the now comfortable sleeping dog.

You always have mornings to look forward to.  Wake up times are always fun.  Reagan usually paws my poor husband directly on the top of his head because the dog has absolutely no respect for personal space.  She may even decide to lick his face because he is not waking up quickly enough for her.  Of course, nothing beats waking up to a face on the pillow staring at you when you first open your eyes,  only to realize that it is not your partner but your dog with his or her head on your pillow!

I usually end my blogs with “My Final Thoughts” – well, this blog is different.   No final thoughts here -because sleeping or not sleeping with your dog is your personal choice.   I choose to sleep with my four legged family member on my bed!

I would love to hear your comments, feedback, stories and ideas.

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