How Your Dog Says “I Love You”

Do you know all of the ways that your dog tries to tell you he loves you?

Arrivals Home Are Crazy!

The best one is in the most demonstrative way!  Your dog tells you he loves you when you come home and he cannot control his joy and his enthusiasm.  He goes absolutely bonkers and turns flips by the doorway when you walk through it – he just adores you and this is one of his very many ways of telling you that he loves you.  We had a boxer that was so over joyed upon our returns home, that she would grab the nearest empty shoe and carry it through the house bouncing and prancing as she went.  This behavior was in addition to the severe butt wiggles and dancing and prancing about.

The Long Gaze

Has your dog ever challenged you to a staring contest?   This is where he will just gaze into your eyes adoringly and stare at you for a very long time – he is trying to communicate to you how much he adores you and how much he loves you.  I had another boxer a number of years ago, who used to gaze into my eyes and raise a single eyebrow at me – it’s their way of making direct eye contact and connecting with you to let you know that they love you.

The Lean

My boxers would always lean against my legs and every once in a while they would “trust-fall” on the backs of my legs trusting that I would be there to break there fall so that they wouldn’t flop aimlessly on the floor.  This behavior is another way of letting you know that they really trust and adore you.

Your Bed Holds YOUR Scent

A very unique way that many dogs have of telling you how special you are to them and how much they care for you, is when they sprawl across your entire bed and leave no room for you.  They will usually sprawl out upside down with at least two legs in the air and head thrown back in a gleeful snoring grin!


You may even have a dog like I do, that wants to spend every single nanosecond by your side, even during the most inappropriate times (like when you’re in the bathroom).  I try to remember to close the door very securely otherwise I end up with a dog practically on my lap!

It’s definitely a language of love, that if you’re like me, and you’ve had dogs for many years, you learn to read and learn to understand exactly what your dog is trying to tell you- and that is that he loves you!  I am betting that you have missed many times that your dog said I love you.

Gross Gifts

When your dog brings you things you don’t want he is bringing you a gift to let you know how much he adores you.    Gross thinks, like stinky soggy toys and items that he’s been chewing on and slimy bones and dead birds!

How about when your dog eats his dinner in the kitchen while you’re sitting comfortably in the living room and then comes rushing into the room sits in front of you and just when you move forward to give him a pat or a hug, he burps in your face!

I bet you did not realize that when you yawn sometimes your dog will mimic your yawn.  He is giving you a great complement and telling you that he loves you!  (Copying is the greatest form of flattery.)

Most people don’t realize when your dog ignores you when you leave to go to work or out for the day or out shopping it’s one of his ways of telling you that he is safe and secure and he loves you.  So, don’t get offended if he doesn’t rise to say goodbye!

My Final Thoughts

Dog are essentially pack animals so when a dog lives in your household you become enfolded in his “pack”.  Dogs have many behaviors that are throwbacks to their wild ancestral relatives and greet their pack humans much the same way they would greet canine pack members.  If your dog exhibits any or all of these behaviors you are one lucky human because you are loved unconditionally and your dog is doing his best to let you know it!

I would love to hear your comments, feedback stories and ideas.

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