The Dangers Of Retractable Leashes

The Drawbacks Of Retractable Leashes

The dangers of retractable dog leashes are apparent nowadays in almost every park or street that you walk on.  These leashes, in case you don’t know what they, are very thin cords that extend and retract into a plastic handle.   Many pet owners feel that they are a great idea because they can give their dog some freedom but the truth is that retractable leashes are not a good idea.  Retractable leashes extend too far.  Some of them can reach 30 to 50 feet in length.

Because of the long length that they extend, they allow your dog an option to run into situations or places that can cause serious injury to themself or to other people.  I have a brother in law that is a cyclist and several years ago he had a dog on a retractable leash run out on the bike path he was biking on that was on a fully extended retractable leash.  My brother in law ended up falling when the thin cord of the leash (which was extended across his path of travel) became snagged and entangled his bike tire.  Fortunately, he was not seriously injured and the person the dog was loosely attached to never even took the time to ask if he was okay!

I know another person who used a tractable leash with her dog who was trained.  She was out on a walk in a park with him (he was a boxer and he weighed over 60 pounds).  When her dog spotted a squirrel he bolted and the cord part of the leash zipped through her hands.  OUCH !   She immediately developed large blisters because the leash had gotten wrapped around her fingers.   One of the major issues with these retractable leashes is that people lack the control that they should have of their dogs.  When you couple that with inattentiveness by the owner it is a disaster waiting to strike.  On many occasions I have seen people engrossed in conversation each with a dog – and one dog or both are on retractable leashes – all the way extended, and the owners are not paying the least bit of attention to them.


Wait – What?  Amputation?

If you have ever read the warning label on the back of the package of a retractable leash it says something to the effect that it can inflict friction burns, it can cause bruising and to not use it around other people or animals.  It also states that the leash could become wrapped around you and can cause amputation – wait a minute – what?  Amputation?    Why are people using these things at all?

The “Ultimate” Alternative

A great alternative to a  retractable leash is a product called the Ultimate Leash I have been using one of these Ultimate Leashes for over 14 years with our big dogs.   I love this leash and grab it every time I head out the door with my dogs because this leash is just plain phenomenal!   You can configure it eleven different ways and I prescribe that it is the ONLY leash you will ever need.  It is sturdily constructed, is handcrafted in America and is a cinch to maintain. For cleaning, it is recommended to place the product in a sock and wash in your washing machine or dish washer in cold water with no bleach and to air dry only.   I can attest to all of the above because I have had my leash for over 14 years, have used it on two large dogs (sometimes at the same time) and it is still in superb shape!  If you would like to look into your very own Ultimate Leash,  or you would like to see all eleven configurations of it, you can do so by going to their website

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