The Dangers For Fido During The Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is upon us and you know what THAT means !

The house will soon smell wonderful with the delicious aromas of turkeys and hams roasting and other goodies cooking – but the upcoming holidays pose their own specific threats and risks to your pets. And, those would be the dangers that are associated with feeding your pet holiday food.   Foods like turkey –  which can be high in fats for your dog –  can cause stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, pancreatitis and diarrhea.Pixabay Image 733292

If Fido should somehow get into the leftover bird parts that are in the garbage and get into the those bird bones it could end up being deadly.  Bones can cause a huge health issue with your dog.  Raw bones from poultry are much more digestible than cooked bones.   When bones are cooked they become brittle and can splinter which can cause some serious damage to your dogs stomach and intestines.  In fact, veterinarians across the country see a huge increase in medical emergencies with dogs and cats right after a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas.   Commonsense dictates that leftovers should be stored out of the dogs reach,  preferably in the refrigerator as soon as possible after the holiday meal is consumed.  You know how wonderful that turkey roasting in the oven smells to you?  Can you imagine what it smells like to your dog?  His sense of smell is much more acute than yours.

Food Dangers

The presence of food can cause your otherwise perfectly mannered dog or cat to become very excited and perhaps to react in a way that he normally would not.  When food is present,  behaviors like jumping up on a counter and stealing food or (God forbid!)  jumping up on a hot stove to grab some leftovers are quite dangerous to your pet.  Jumping up on a hot stove can cause nasty burns and a trip to the emergency room for your pet.

Although it is tempting to share the holiday meal with your best friend, there are better alternatives available – you can purchase a can of holiday food for your best friend.  There are many good brands available such as Merrick’s Grammys Pot Pie (which can be found at stores like Petco or online at )  that are not going to cause stomach upset and not going to cause diarrhea, or cause an emergency trip to the vets office.  Sharing certain types of human food with your dog is never a good idea – especially certain fruits and vegetables – but that is a topic for another time !


Watch Those Plants

While on the topic of holidays,  there are some other big holidays coming up after Thanksgiving – like Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s!   Please keep in mind that there are certain items associated with those holidays that are poisonous to your dog –  things like poinsettia plants and mistletoe are very dangerous and can be poisonous and should be kept out of your pets’ reach.  In fact,  it would be a much better idea to not even bring those items into the house.

Holiday trees and ornaments can also pose a threat to your dog.  Dogs and cats are captivated with sparkling lights and ornaments that resemble their toys and balls and many a dog or cat has been rushed to the emergency room after they’ve consumed small glass bits from a broken ornament.  A terrific idea that makes a lot of sense is when holiday trees go up, the non breakable ornaments go at the bottom and the breakables and more fragile ones go to the rear and top of the tree so that your pet is not tempted.   Better to be safe than sorry!

Final Thoughts

We all love our pets and it’s our job to be the master and take care of them.

I would love to hear your comments, feedback stories and ideas.

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