The Dangerous Ingredients In Your Dog’s Food

There may be some dangerous ingredients in your dog’s food that aren’t necessarily on the label and you’re not even aware of it. Additionally, these foods may actually be causing our dogs to become ill.  Look at the food that you are currently feeding your dog – there are hidden ingredients that you cannot even see!

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There was a study conducted by a veterinarian in Australia in 1995 and he summarized the results by saying that kibble is the main cause of illness and premature death in the modern dog and cat. The study showed that processed dog foods, like kibble, suppress the immune system and lead to things like liver, kidney, heart and other diseases in our modern dogs and cats. That would mean that the processed foods that we are buying and feeding our dogs are actually making them ill!

Raw Is Awesome!

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Another study done in Stockholm Sweden took two groups of young puppies.  It showed that the group of young puppies that were fed a processed food kibble diet initially appeared to be healthy.  However, once they reached maturity they began to rapidly age and deteriorate and become sick and develop degenerative disease symptoms.  Yet, when the second group of young puppies were fed a fresh food, raw diet those animals did not age as quickly and did not exhibit many of the degenerative disease symptoms as the group that were fed kibble diets.  Therefore, the pet food that we feed our dogs more than likely is accelerating the aging process and causing more degenerative diseases in our dogs.

There was also a study done in Belgium where scientists studied 500 dogs over a five-year period of time and that study showed that the dogs that were fed a fresh raw food diet lived on average 32 months longer – that’s almost three years!  So if we know that processed dog food damages the dogs’ immune systems, and causes them to get sick earlier, causing degenerative diseases, premature aging and damage to the immune system and we also know that statistically it shaves about three years off of your dog’s life then why in the world are most household in the United States still feeding kibble?


Kibble Can Make Your Dog Sick

Most all kibbles are either steamed, heated and extruded.  There are some big problems with this because this process removes and destroys important nutrients and it de-natures the proteins that are in the food.  The process also damages the fats and with damaged proteins and damaged fats, the dog’s body does not recognize the food as a source of protein.  In addition, the higher the temperature that the food is processed at, the more damaged the proteins and the fat become.  There are some components in the food that when heated to high temperatures, produces cancer-causing properties.   Approximately 14 out of every 16 dogs have cancer-causing agents in their systems because of processed foods.  Many of these byproducts of heating and cooking and extruding dog foods are cumulative which means the longer that your dog consumes these foods, the higher the risk your dog runs of developing cancers and other sicknesses!

By the time your dog’s food arrives in his bowl it is virtually dead and lifeless.  It’s been processed, heated, baked and extruded – so essentially, feeding your dog a kibble diet is feeding your dog a dead food.  Proteins and fats are de-natured and the food is missing vitamins and minerals.  In fact, your dog’s kibble food would not even passed AAFCO (The American Association of Feed Control Officials) standards if it was not for something that is called a “premix” that is added to all kibble foods. Essentially, it’s the vitamins and minerals that must be added back to the food to make it nutritionally and barely adequate for your dog to consume.  These pre-mixes of vitamins and minerals are man-made in a lab.  (Certainly not a natural nutritional form for your dog’s body to utilize!)  These vitamins and minerals most often are produced by pharmaceutical companies not by nutritional companies or food companies.  Fundamentally, the vitamins and minerals, even though they are touted as being the same, are different.  It’s much like putting a right-handed glove on your left hand – it’s still a glove but it is fundamentally different – it would just feel weird – very much the same way that synthetic vitamins and minerals feel to your dog’s body.  The interesting thing is, you will not find anything on your dog’s dog food label that says “vitamin and mineral premix”.  However, if you read the label carefully and you see anything that looks like it’s a chemical – then it’s a chemical!  Because that’s what synthetic vitamins are – they are chemicals – they are not food and they are not vitamins.  The frightening bit of information is that nearly all of these premixes are made in either India or China – can you say no “standardized control”?  So who know what, and exactly how much of a particular ingredient is in them!Pixabay Image 51973

Since 2007 there have been 4,500 reports of dogs and cats that have died from commercial pet food and we can probably add to that number with the thousands of more who have become ill.   Of those 4,500, 4000 of them died because of the premixes – those “vitamins and minerals” that have been added back to the dog foods.  That is because of the dangerous ingredients in the pre-mixes that came from China or India.  Worse yet, is that the manufacturers of the dog food had no way of knowing that (because of the non-regulation in China and India) that these pre-mixes would be deadly to add to their manufactured dog foods.

My Final Thoughts

Processed dog foods are obviously not the same as whole fresh raw foods and with processed foods, our dogs are becoming sicker faster and dying earlier than they need to.   I firmly believe that in order to rear and raise and maintain healthy dogs, we need to get our dogs off of processed, canned and kibble dog foods and get them on raw natural healthy diets.  Raw and natural is the best bet to give your dog a long and healthy life!

I would love to hear your comments, feedback, stories and ideas.

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