Dangerous Chemicals & Pesticides!

If you have ever used weed killer or any of those products to kill bugs or weeds in or around your home, make sure you take the time to read the warning labels on them.  If those warning labels don’t set off all the bells and whistles for you about the dangerous chemicals that are in them, then perhaps these reasons will make a point with you!  Exposure to all of these pesticides and chemicals can cause some awful side effects like asthma, blurred vision, vomiting, cancer and birth defects.   This is because they are all neurotoxins.

Many people currently think that avoiding pesticides is just in terms of avoiding vegetables and fruits that have been treated or sprayed with pesticides.   Keep in mind we’re not just eating these terrible toxins –  we’re also spreading them all over our homes and tracking them into our homes on the soles of our shoes.  The Environmental Protection Agency says that 9 out of 10 kitchen floors have measurable levels of chemical pesticides, and that means if they’re on the floors there in the air that you’re breathing also

Children are particularly sensitive and susceptible to these pesticides and chemicals.  A recent study has shown that parents who use pesticides have a greater risk of their children developing leukemia and brain tumors (this is according to a recent study from the American Academy of Pediatrics).  Because babies and children are so small, and they can crawl on the ground and play on the ground, they are at a much higher risk of suffering potential health issues associated with many, if not all, of these chemicals and pesticides.

That means if your children are at risk, your pets are at a very high-risk also.  Because, like babies, pets are closer to the ground and are walking and laying and crawling on the floors.   Dog can even absorb toxins through their pores, and especially they’re feet.   I have a brother-in-law who lost his pet dog to a rodenticide that he had tucked away – he thought securely – in an area where he was having issues with rats outside of his home.  Unfortunately his dog found it and although he rushed his dog to the vet, sadly the dog did not make.  

The most common pesticides are those that people literally apply once a month as spot on treatments or give as pills to their dogs.   Most if not all of these need to enter your dog’s bloodstream so that they can kill the mosquitoes, fleas or ticks that MAY bite your dog.  These spot on treatments and oral medications can cause a number of unwanted neurological side effects!  Keep in mind that in order for the fleas or ticks or mosquitoes to die they must first bite your dog.

For humans and for our pets and children, these pesticides are affecting everything from our wildlife, to our water quality.   A recent study found that 90% of our streams are contaminated with chemical pesticides.  That being said, as the water becomes toxic it also affects marine life and eventually messes with the entire local ecosystem as the food chain is disrupted.  And more is not necessarily better – as many homeowners use up to 10 times more chemical pesticides per acre on their lawns than farmers use on the crops (this is according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service)!   Even if chemical pesticides were applied safely and with moderation, we’re still using way more than even our industrial farmers use to raise our food.  Three out of four US homeowners are using pesticides at home, so we’re talking about a whole lot of people that are spraying a whole lot of chemicals for everything – from bugs to weeds – and it is causing a huge number of health problems.BannerAd

A huge problem is that the EPA allows manufacturers of these chemicals and pesticides to verify the safety of their own products instead of having an impartial independent lab.   I would guess that that would be why we were once told that DDT was okay and that many of today’s pesticide manufacturers claim that these neurotoxic substances are safe for us to use in our homes, around our homes and around our children, family, and pets!

My Final Thoughts

I, like many other homeowners desire to eradicate the “pest” insects (like mosquitoes, fleas and ticks) in my yard so that I can keep my pets and family safe.   After 30 years of living in my home, I have finally stumbled upon a natural and organic alternative!   I believe in this product (after having used it on my yard and my dogs with amazing results) so strongly, that I have become distributors of it.  And as a bonus is safe for pregnant and nursing moms and our beneficial insects (like honeybees!).   Call our office or email us for details on how to keep your home, dog(s) and family safe from out-dated and old style chemicals and pesticides with a natural and organic alternative that is effective!

I would love to hear your comments, feedback stories and ideas.

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