Here Comes The Bugs – And We Can Help!

Here comes the bugs!   You need HELP !!

My family avidly enjoys the outdoors and I get eaten alive by mosquitoes on a regular basis whenever I am outside. In addition, we have all heard the news reports about the looming Zika virus beginning to show up here in the U.S.  I discovered a company in researching a product for skin irritations for my dog, Reagan, that also produces a very effective line of natural products (that means no dangerous chemicals for your family) to control fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and hundreds of other pest bugs while having no effect on the beneficial insects like honey bees.

The name of the this company is Wondercide, and their product kills adults, eggs, larvae and pupae of these pest insects on contact (and stops their eggs from hatching), yet is safe for pregnant and nursing moms, children and pets, all while using natural and organic ingredients with NO toxic chemicals – things that we used long before synthetic chemicals became popular (and harmful!).  Wondercide refers to it as ” treating nature with nature”.   And I love the idea of keeping my pets and family safe.  Their products are produced solely in the USA (Texas) with no toxic chemicals, artificial colors or fragrances, preservatives, pyrethrins or synthetic pesticides.

I have been using and utilizing Wondercide’s products on myself, my family in our yard and on our pets for over a year now.   Their products have proven to be 100% effective not only to us, but also to a number of our scooper clients who opted into our introductory spray service last spring for their yards – with outstanding results and satisfaction!

Scoops has become a distributor of the product line exclusively and can offer them to you as well.   We will be able to offer you Natural Insect Repellent that is DEET free and child safe, as well as Flea, Tick and Mosquito Control for your pet as well as your home, yard and garden.  We will also be spraying yards upon request again this year. Please call our office for additional info.  This service will be available from April 1st thru October 31st to all of our clients (so let your friends and extended families know as well!)

I would love the opportunity to answer any questions or inquiries you may have – so feel free to contact me!

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