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How Your Dog Makes Your Kids Smarter

I recently wrote a blog about how pets can make your family healthier –  it’s also been recognized that kids who grow up with pets are more emotionally intelligent and compassionate.  I’m sure that you have heard of the traditional measure of intelligence, the intelligence quotient or “IQ”.   But, there’s also something called the EQ […]

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How Your Dog Makes Your Family Healthier

Do you have a new baby in the house?  Even though it’s common for newborns to have things like minor respiratory issues and ear infections, a recent study has found that babies who have more interaction with an animal living in the house seem to have fewer of these problems and need less medication even […]

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Four Ways Your Dog Keeps You Healthy

Happy New Year To You And Your Pet Most of us set New Years Resolutions to get healthy and happy in the new year. But as a pet owner… it’s your job to make resolutions for your pet  (they don’t have thumbs and can’t write down goals). Just as human friends can make you happy […]

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