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Dangers Of Halloween For Your Dog

Halloween is a terrific day to have lots of fun for children and adults alike.  However it is not one of the holidays that your pet should be celebrating.   Halloween can be a very scary time of year for many pets because they have strangers coming to the door that look different to them.  They […]

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Got Snake?

While out and about on my route this morning I came across a large turtle crossing the road and it brought to mind the cooler weather that will soon be upon us and the many animals that will soon be scurrying to find a place for the winter.  Snakes are still pretty active this time […]

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Have You Doggie Proofed YOUR Home?

Whether you have lived in your house for many years or have recently moved, it’s nice to know that your house and your yard are safe for your four-legged friend.  Since you already know your dog’s personality, you need to make sure that you scout out potential dangers and find out what mischief your dog […]

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Xylitol – It Can Be Deadly!

The Dangers Of Xylitol Xylitol – that wonderful sweetener for humans that is calorie free and kind to our teeth (in not causing decay) – but it is bad for dogs and can be life-threatening!  While it’s relatively safe for humans, it is extremely toxic to dogs.   Even in small amounts it can cause hypoglycemia […]

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Things That Go BANG!

There are so many things I love about summer –  the warmth of the sun, the longer days, parades and fireworks, traveling and camping – just to name a few.  Yet, while these things might be fun for the humans in the family, they can be downright frightening and dangerous for our pets.  There are […]

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Fido’s Travel MOJO

It’s vacation time and you may be thinking of hitting the road and heading to the beach this summer with your dog.  But, before you both embark on a travel adventure in the middle of the dog days of summer, make sure that you are prepared for travel with your four legged friend. If you […]

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Your Dog And The Dog Days Of Summer

Typically, by mid-June the weather is referred to as the “dog days of summer” because of the impending heat that usually comes with it, and follows it in July and August.  So, with summer rapidly approaching, or perhaps already here, it’s important to remember that our furry friends can easily get heatstroke. Humans are not […]

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The Dangers Of Retractable Leashes

The Drawbacks Of Retractable Leashes The dangers of retractable dog leashes are apparent nowadays in almost every park or street that you walk on.  These leashes, in case you don’t know what they, are very thin cords that extend and retract into a plastic handle.   Many pet owners feel that they are a great idea […]

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