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Is Your Dog Belching, Gassy or Itchy ?

Its The Food ! Does your dog or cat have itchy skin or stomach discomfort? Does your dog belch or have gas?   If your dog or cat has these symptoms you may well be dealing with a dog or cat  that has a food intolerance.  Food intolerances and sensitivities are actually very common amongst dogs […]

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Probiotics VS Prebiotics

Probiotics VS Prebiotics As more and more pet owners turn to more natural options for keeping their dogs healthy, there is one topic that can leave dog owners feeling somewhat perplexed and that is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics. What are they, what do they do and what is the difference between then ? Probiotics Not […]

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Do You Have A Yeasty Dog ?

Why Is My Dog Itching and Itching and Itching ?? If your dog has a yeast issue you will know it ! Incessant itching in areas like arm pits, groin, feet and ears ! It can make your poor pet quite miserable. Yeast issues were new to me – I have had dogs all my […]

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