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Vegetables To The Rescue

It wasn’t until I experienced skin issues with my French bulldog, Reagan, that I even remotely considered the possibility of having to feed my dog a vegetarian diet, since she has been raw fed since 8 weeks of age.  Reagan developed skin issues three weeks after her first rabies shot over 15 months ago.  I […]

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Benefits Of Pet Insurance

Because of the advancements in modern medicine, pet owners and their veterinarians can now perform many unheard-of operations and procedures for suffering dogs to significantly increase their life expectancy and keep them comfortable.  You should be aware that these procedures and treatments do come with a high-priced tag. As many pet owners have already found […]

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Does Your Dog Have Hot Spots?

Hot Spots Treatment And Prevention The poor unfortunate dog who gets hot spots!  Hot spots are areas of skin that become irritated and inflamed and are very uncomfortable.  They are usually circular in shape and are accompanied by hair loss, inflammation and sometimes a discharge of pus.  Hot spots are actually a form of dermatitis, […]

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Understanding Your Dog’s Skin

The function of your dog’s skin is to be an elemental barrier.  This barrier holds your dog’s muscles, internal organs, bones, and connective tissue inside the body thereby giving the dogs body its flexible shape. Your dog’s skin has a pH of about 7.4 depending on the area of the body, breed, stress level and […]

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Could That Limp Be Arthritis?

It’s easy to tell that I am getting older because sometimes my body refuses to do what I want it to do.   I know that when I get out of bed in the morning I have symptoms of stiff joints and I recognize that I probably have a bit of arthritis if not a lot!  […]

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Genetically Modified Organisms

There is a lot of information in the news lately about genetically modified organisms – better known as GMO’s – and many people have a lot of very different opinions about them. Much of the controversy regarding genetically modified organisms is about the safety of the foods made from them.  Many scientists claim that eating […]

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