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Benefits Of Pet Insurance

Because of the advancements in modern medicine, pet owners and their veterinarians can now perform many unheard-of operations and procedures for suffering dogs to significantly increase their life expectancy and keep them comfortable.  You should be aware that these procedures and treatments do come with a high-priced tag. As many pet owners have already found […]

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Understanding Your Dog’s Skin

The function of your dog’s skin is to be an elemental barrier.  This barrier holds your dog’s muscles, internal organs, bones, and connective tissue inside the body thereby giving the dogs body its flexible shape. Your dog’s skin has a pH of about 7.4 depending on the area of the body, breed, stress level and […]

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Baby It’s HOT Outside!

Your Dog And The Sun Dogs genetically, are closely related to humans and, just like humans they are susceptible to cancers -including skin cancer.  Many people who own dog breeds with long hair think that shaving a dog for the summer is helpful – but that is definitely not the case.  Part of the purpose […]

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Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

I bet that if you looked in your cupboard right now, you would find a bottle of vinegar that you have stored there.  Vinegar is not just for cooking anymore!  Many dog and cat owners are increasingly using this inexpensive staple in a bunch of ways to improve their pet’s health.  Vinegar can be used […]

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The Dangers Of Retractable Leashes

The Drawbacks Of Retractable Leashes The dangers of retractable dog leashes are apparent nowadays in almost every park or street that you walk on.  These leashes, in case you don’t know what they, are very thin cords that extend and retract into a plastic handle.   Many pet owners feel that they are a great idea […]

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