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Does Your Dog Dream?

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These I am sitting here as I write and I am watching Reagan dream!   Apparently, she is chasing something and barking – her legs are pumping and soft gentle woof, woof, woofs escape from her smooshy face.   Just like humans – dogs’ dream – that’s because the brain of our […]

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Your Dog Called To Say …. He’s Bored!

Did you know that dogs are very social animals?  Dogs can become bored, just like humans can! Your Dog Could Be BORED! Many people who have dogs with behavior issues don’t realize that they could easily resolve those issues if they were able to resolve their dog’s boredom.   When a dog is bored it is […]

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Does Your Dog Have Separation Anxiety?

Is It Separation Anxiety? My neighbor called me one day several years ago regarding a dog she and her family had just adopted.   It seemed that whenever she placed him in his crate and left the house, upon returning she found what seemed to be large puddles of urine in his crate.   He was supposed […]

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