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Does Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed?

Does your dog sleep in bed with you? A recent study has shown that 50% of dogs sleep in their owners’ beds!  Since dogs are essentially pack animals many people think it’s a super idea for their dogs to sleep in a big pile-on in their bed.  However, be warned that although many people think […]

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Does Your Dog Eat Grass?

Does Your Dog Eat Grass? As I glanced out the window this morning I noticed my son’s dog eating grass and I wondered why dogs eat grass.  We’re not exactly sure why dogs eat grass – perhaps it’s because it tastes good.  Since dogs as canines are natural scavengers, they are somewhat programmed to find […]

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How NOT To Greet A Dog

Did you know that the majority of dog bites that occur in United States are primarily children?  There are 78.2 million dogs in the United States.  Over four million people get bitten every year and eighty one percent of bites occur with children.  This is because a child’s head and face are at the corresponding […]

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Why Puppies Bite

So you have adopted a new puppy and your puppy is an amazing little bundle of joy – right up until your puppy stinks those razor sharp baby teeth into your hand!  Ouch!  That’s when many people try to figure out exactly why they got that puppy.  What you can expect as your puppy grows […]

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How Your Dog Says “I Love You”

Do you know all of the ways that your dog tries to tell you he loves you? Arrivals Home Are Crazy! The best one is in the most demonstrative way!  Your dog tells you he loves you when you come home and he cannot control his joy and his enthusiasm.  He goes absolutely bonkers and […]

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Back To School And Fido’s NOT Happy!

Yesterday my daughter and I traveled to her college apartment to start bringing some items there in preparation for the start of her third year of college. We were gone for several hours and we arrived home to one stressed and bored dog.  Apparently my son’s mixed breed dog, who is the latest addition to […]

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Got Wolf?

Do you know the difference between that cute little puppy that shares your home with you and the wild wolf?  We all know that dogs were domesticated originally from wolves, but what are the real differences between them?  Do you know what traits the dog has left behind and what ancestral traits still remain?   There […]

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Sleep Affected – By Fido??

Do you have a dog?   Does your dog sleep with you in bed?  Have you had days when you wake up feeling exhausted because you’ve been up numerous times with Fido at night?  Did you know that your dog may be depriving you of sleep?  A recent Mayo Clinic study found that approximately 18% of […]

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Does Your Dog Steal Food ?

With the newest addition to our household recently, we discovered we have a dog that is a counter surfer!  If given the opportunity, she makes any food left on the counter disappear.  Not only is counter surfing a major annoyance and aggravation for the owner of a dog that has this annoying habit, but counter […]

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