Training When You Bring A New Dog Home

Fifteen years ago I brought a 9 month old boxer puppy named Bella home and at the time, I was heavily involved in dog obedience and training.  I was an active member of a local dog obedience club and also their president.  I had told my husband when I brought home this unruly nine month […]

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Got Snake?

While out and about on my route this morning I came across a large turtle crossing the road and it brought to mind the cooler weather that will soon be upon us and the many animals that will soon be scurrying to find a place for the winter.  Snakes are still pretty active this time […]

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Why Puppies Bite

So you have adopted a new puppy and your puppy is an amazing little bundle of joy – right up until your puppy stinks those razor sharp baby teeth into your hand!  Ouch!  That’s when many people try to figure out exactly why they got that puppy.  What you can expect as your puppy grows […]

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How Your Dog Says “I Love You”

Do you know all of the ways that your dog tries to tell you he loves you? Arrivals Home Are Crazy! The best one is in the most demonstrative way!  Your dog tells you he loves you when you come home and he cannot control his joy and his enthusiasm.  He goes absolutely bonkers and […]

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Connections To Joint Disease And Your Dog

Different breeds of dogs at any age can suffer from joint diseases like hip dysplasia.  It seems that it’s not just the seniors, but younger dogs who are getting diseases like hip and elbow dysplasia and other issues like cruciate ligament tears.  There are three major things that you can do as a good pet […]

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Back To School And Fido’s NOT Happy!

Yesterday my daughter and I traveled to her college apartment to start bringing some items there in preparation for the start of her third year of college. We were gone for several hours and we arrived home to one stressed and bored dog.  Apparently my son’s mixed breed dog, who is the latest addition to […]

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How To Keep The Twinkle In Your Dogs Eyes

Regular eye exams by your veterinarian can help you keep your dogs’ eyes shiny and bright and free of any problems.  Any cloudiness or inflammation that is exhibited may indicate a health problem and would be a reason to seek help and have your vet refer your dog to a specialist.  There are a few […]

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What Is Reverse Sneezing?

Have you ever heard your dog make a snorting sound followed by gagging?  It’s a very alarming sound to most dog owners. It is not known to be harmful to dogs as long as they don’t have any underlying conditions like heart disease.  It is actually your dog reverse sneezing, and it’s usually characterized by […]

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The Dreaded “C” Word

The “C” word – everyone has heard of it – unfortunately.  Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells which invade and surround tissues and spread to other areas of the body.  Often they are localized and sometimes they are generalized.  “Localized” means they do not spread to other areas of the body.  “Generalized” means […]

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