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Dangers Of Halloween For Your Dog

Halloween is a terrific day to have lots of fun for children and adults alike.  However it is not one of the holidays that your pet should be celebrating.   Halloween can be a very scary time of year for many pets because they have strangers coming to the door that look different to them.  They […]

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Moving – And – Dog Poop!

Are you moving – into or out of – your home?   Throughout the year we receive many requests and phone calls from realtors as well as homeowner for one time service for residential properties when families are moving.   Most moves are done during the summer months for families that have children.  This makes great sense […]

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Does Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed?

Does your dog sleep in bed with you? A recent study has shown that 50% of dogs sleep in their owners’ beds!  Since dogs are essentially pack animals many people think it’s a super idea for their dogs to sleep in a big pile-on in their bed.  However, be warned that although many people think […]

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Does Your Dog Eat Grass?

Does Your Dog Eat Grass? As I glanced out the window this morning I noticed my son’s dog eating grass and I wondered why dogs eat grass.  We’re not exactly sure why dogs eat grass – perhaps it’s because it tastes good.  Since dogs as canines are natural scavengers, they are somewhat programmed to find […]

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Vegetables To The Rescue

It wasn’t until I experienced skin issues with my French bulldog, Reagan, that I even remotely considered the possibility of having to feed my dog a vegetarian diet, since she has been raw fed since 8 weeks of age.  Reagan developed skin issues three weeks after her first rabies shot over 15 months ago.  I […]

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Benefits Of Pet Insurance

Because of the advancements in modern medicine, pet owners and their veterinarians can now perform many unheard-of operations and procedures for suffering dogs to significantly increase their life expectancy and keep them comfortable.  You should be aware that these procedures and treatments do come with a high-priced tag. As many pet owners have already found […]

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