Pet waste is just one of the things that every pet owner has to deal with. There are many reasons to do this for your family, health, and your community. Pet waste can be one of the greatest sources of potential health risk for your pet and your family.


  • IMG_2022Some of the common diseases that can be transmitted through pet waste are roundworms, salmonella, and Ecoli, Parvo (parvovirus or coronavirus) can be contracted through feces as well (usually affecting younger dogs or puppies). All of these diseases can be very serious and so you should make an effort to keep their pets and family away from potentially infected feces.
  • Let’s face it… no one likes a shoe full of poo. Keeping your yard clean makes it more pleasant and usable by your family and your pets. Dogs are not always the best at avoiding their own piles and may inadvertently bring it into your house and carpets. Keeping your yard clean prevents this mess in your home.
  • Flies love poop and love to get into your house. They can carry disease from outside to inside, so you may not be able to stop the flies from getting in, but you can help them from bringing in potential problems from your own yard.
  • It may be gross, but dogs instinctively eat poop (their own or other dogs). Dogs evolved as carnivores/scavengers so feces is considered fair game at times (especially in between meals). A clean yard will help minimize your precious pet from being tempted with some not so tempting snacks.




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